old phonto

aw look how cute you was say when you was little say jullian. julian lay that down. no realy say julian cute hair to. JULIAN scream cessily. what will kevin think of this. youre death keller say cessily


julian look at the bouding. he will be traint here but why. he can controle his power. he did not need help. wow say a silver girl with red hair. that instute is outdoor home is bigger say julian

love dont whitter away

1 beginnings
the first time cessily lay eyes on kevin she barly give him mind

2 fire
the fire was mirrord on cessily body

3 death

kevin look at the grave and just cry

4 laughter

you realy should laugh more say cessily to kevin you have a betiuful laugh

5 cuddle

kevin cuddle against cessily sleeping body

6 trapped

kevin feels trapped in his own body

7 pain

im fine kevin. i dont feel pain

8 souls

there souls are together forever

9 stalking
stalking collins again?

11 escape
it was not easy for kevin to break free form selene

12 angel

lucky he got help form a silver angel

13 missing

i have mis you cessily

14 funny
did ford just laugh with a joke?

15 supernatrul

im prety sure this kind of love is supernatrul.

mabey tomorow is beter

1 world
the world is against us say julian so why would we die for it
julian thougt sofia laugh was betiful
3 evil
youre a evil woman sofia
4 find
why are we sithing here we hae to find them
5 pretty
i feel so pretty song sofia while jullian look at the mirrow
6 crush
sofia admit to her self she have a crush on jullian
7 balance
keep youre balance
8 haven
with you im in haven
9 apart
after being so lang apart sofia and julian find echtother agian
10 heart
sofia lay her ear on julian chest and hear his heart
11 fall

sofia fall
12 fear
i dont want to lose you again
13 always
i will always be with you jullian
14 trust
julian trust sofia with his life
15 hands
julian get sofia hand and fly


cessily say kevin. hey kevin say cessily. did you fellow me ask kevin.. eh yes say y cessily. i want to go with you. why ask kevin. you realy dont know say cessily with a sad smile.kevin did not know. but atlast he would go alone


jean cray school for highter learing say logan always like miss crey. say megan. yes say cessily. but still. summers wont laught about it. about the school or about the name.ask megan.